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Bad Gastein - Alpen - Austria
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Patch Trout Yodeler - Nassfeld River

Reservoir Power Plant - valley junction Nassfeld without Siglitz River and Patch Mariandl


They crossed the High Tauern, the Romans, you look towards Hagener Hut.
It is the Nassfeld, the valley of the brook trout and char. You sense immediately, that not only the marmot hurry when the eagle circles.
The view, the Rocky Mountains, the glacier, the mountain huts ...
Your fly fishing heart opens up --- you have arrived in the National Park High Tauern. Gently take your flyers crop and start to read the clear, fresh high-mountain brooks. After the first throws you land the first exceptionally well-fed brook trout and char.
The 5,2 km flying route of the finest is surely your adventure of the season.

Andi has to say:

The area promises fly fishing of the finest, starting at the reservoir, just after the tunnel portal, about 5 km long to the end of the valley, with a stream width of 2 to 8 meters. The course of the river divides this high plateau into the middle and is not regulated.

The fly fishing at this altitude of 1600 m is a lot of fun, especially since there are no obstacles and the throwing almost becomes a sport. The hotspots are everywhere, especially as the waters at times, present themselves as a field brook or on the other hand as trickling waters. The trout and brook trout are everywhere and due to the high amount of water wildlife, makes them very well fed. You can fish with almost everything that is in your fly tin.

The cast should be fast with the quick fish. A small streamer proves itself in the trickling sections otherwise according to the height, smaller bait of flies and nymphs.

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