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Bad Gastein - Alpen - Austria
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Patch Kings walz - Nassfeld River

T-junction Böckstein at the Anlauf valley stream  - direction Asten - at the foot of the Kessel-falls


Where the "Anlauf stream" and "Nassfeld waters" meet. Start your adventure on the following 5000 meters, were you will experience everything your fly fishing heart has always desired. This natural course will delight you. Towards the Evianquelle up to  the small waterfall, all three await you, rainbow, brook trout and saibing. Above the Evianquelle Waterfall, outwit the shy fish with your fly rod. Dry fly and nymph are pefect here.

RTowards the Asten huts, the stream divides and you will find to your right, the Jungfischstube  (young fish parlour), were  well-fed brook trout can be found. Now it gets exciting, the course, even with large stones and one pool after another, passing the alpine huts to the end of the valley. You are at the Kessel-falls and in the glacier pools 40 cm char are waiting for you.

Andi says:

The natural course of the water and the terrain offers everything a fly fishing enthusiast really looks for; actually you can experience everything here in one day. The almost 5 km are on both sides well manageable to fish, the terrain easily accessible, with beautiful pools and sometimes trickling sections. Almost everything that can be found in the fly tin can be used here, but rather we recommend the small lighter bait for the shy brook trout and char. The fishing water is approx. 5 to 10 m wide & can be walked continuously, with the exception of the waterfall at the Evianquelle, in your chest wader & is almost always fishable. The lower part of the Nassfeld valley, uniquely beautiful, nature at its finest.

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