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Bad Gastein - Alpen - Austria
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Patch Prices Avenue - Gastein Stream

50m south to restaurant Varoli Laderdingerhof - old Luggau bridge 


In 1959 a record brook trout with 10.5 kg was caught nearby - you feel the tension of the river - the longest river in the county of Salzburg flows almost peacefully - the streamer comes to use with little impact to pull the first brook trout from the middle of the river. Yes, they are tough, the trout, you are required according to the flow of the river, to choose your bait. You always wanted an extraordinary fishing adventure; you get it here - guaranteed

Peter has to say:

The Patcharound 2.5 km long and up to 18 m wide, begins at the restaurant Varoli Laderdingerhof (yellow building), downhill to the old Luggau bridge & is certainly one of the most beautiful water sections of the Gastein River. The rather strong bank growth and the erectile action by the power plant is a wonderful challenge. In the case of low water (temporarily several times a day), the river can be walked well with chest waders. The hotspots are easily accessible on the rocks to the right along the banks, even at higher water levels

Caution is always necessary! The roll throw is used here more and more. Fish with dry, wet fly, sometimes with weighted nymph and Streamer depending on the water levels. A landing net is unavoidable because at times a huge trout will shoot from the water. Use good fishing equipment as the fit trout swim downhill after the launch. Darker bait is often used.

Tip: place the streamer, when the water level is higher, in the middle & wait a moment before you reel in. Once you have been enchanted the Gastein Stream, it will never cease to fascinate you..

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