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Patch Mariandl - Nassfeld River

White Brook Valley spring area – End of the valley - T junction into the Nassfeld River


Here is were it happens!
... White Brook Valley, Field Brook, waterfall, High Mtn. Valley, an incredible stream course ...
You have already overcome the ground of the Nassfeld valley. The roaring waterfall of White Brook allows for other feelings to arise.
Fishing? Rock climbing? 20 minutes later you reach the brook "The Mind" clear as gin, sparkling like champagne, at this point you are in "Fishing in Paradise" (F.i.P.).

No one has ever interfered with nature here, so that these waters presents themselves as unique as Field Brook, over stones the water runs and at the end you experience the source of a RIVER where frogs, amphibians and fish alike; with marmots, share the valley and fly fishing becomes an experience.

Mango Jerry has to say:

The district on the left end of the Nassfeld valley, beginning with the waterfalls into the White Brook valley, approx. 3 km, is something for nature & peace enthusiasts. After a 30-minute walk, this high mountain brook, with a width of 1 to 5 meters, shows itself in different facets, sometimes a meadows brook between small waterfalls then again pools up to the origin of the Nassfeld brook, where the waters later divided into many side arms.

The trout and char are extremely shy here; therefore, they need to be outwitted with a lot of sensitivity. Dry fish and small nymphs get the fish here. Important is a very long thin leader because of the shearing effect in the clear water. A highlight for any fly fisher is to list a fish.
Important: High mountain provisions and beverages & in the event of a thunderstorm return early enough to the valley.
Leave the cranberries in the autumn. That’s Peter’s job!

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