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Patch Lovely Miller Lady - Siglitz River

Upper head of the Siglitz valley from the Cascade - T- junction into the Nassfeld river.

The large shelter hut "The Lower Saxony House" (Das Niedersachsenhaus) - the summit always in sight


A love letter to the fishing water ...
Your view towards the waterfall "Siglitz Valley" you are now challenged - you'll be creative – to fish in such a wild brook - the unusual challenges you. You share the heart of the national park with the grazing cows and begin your first throw of the dry fly in this open space, a dream

You switch to the nymph and learn to hook the first brook trout and char in this incredible creek.

Ronny has to say:

The stretch of water about 3 km to the waterfall is without barriers, this means that the fish can move up to the end of the valley and spawn here. For the fly fisher no weeds and also because of the high altitude hardly any wood growth, this means here is more space to hook the trout.

The fish here are very shy and we recommend using the rather smaller nymphs and wet flies. For the streamer, some subsections are also ok, and the lighter and smaller bait are recommended. At the foaming areas it is also worthwhile to dance a gold head nymph. The brook bed is below about 4 to 5 meters and above about 1 to 1.5 meters wide

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